Sunday, April 15, 2012


This may sound a bit weird but VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline is my favorite beauty product. Yes, it’s thick and can be messy , but this petroleum based products has 1001 beauty uses. 

As legend goes, this product was found by the chemist Robert Cheesebrough in the late 19th century, who observed local factory workers in Pennsylvania using the rod wax that resulted from the pop rods of the oil wells to protect and heal cuts. Amazing by the products therapeutic benefits, he back to his lab, mixed up so many batches of the key ingredient, petroleum jelly, that he had to use his wife’s vases to hold the product. He added the word “line” to “vase”, and my favorite beauty product was born. 
I was first introduced to this beauty wonder by my grandma, Doonie, who used it as facial moisturizer. At 82, you would be hard pressed to find a wrinkle on her face.  Throughout the years, I developed my own relationship with VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline.  I use VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline as a cheaper alternative to paraffin treatments—slathering copious amounts of the jelly on my hands and feet then wrapping them in hot towels for five minutes for a quick moisturizing treatment.
Still not convinced that VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline is a miracle beauty products?  Here are just some of the many wonders of VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline.

Vaseline: The Ultimate budget beautyMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline Product

- Great for rough feet. Soak feet in a pan of warm water for 15 minutes. Remove feet and exfoliate with a pumice stone. Slather on a generous amount of VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline and throw on a pair of your thickest white socks and head to bed.
- Pageant participants take a small amount of VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline and smear it on the gums above their front teeth to help them smile easier.
- Use a little as a last minute shoe polish (too much could ruin your shoes). 
- Purchase or use an old contact case and place a small amount of VaselineMy Favorite Beauty Product: Vaseline and scoop out the leftovers of a lipstick, mix together in the case and you have your own lip-gloss.
- Use as gel to groom and hold eyebrows into place.
- Use in replace of gel to style and hold hair in place.

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